573. I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

Capo: 0
EbIt may not be on the
Abmountain’s height
EbOr over the stor
Bbmy sea,
EbIt may n
Bb7ot be at t
Ebhe battle
Ab’s front
EbMy Lord will ha
Bbve need
Ebof me.
Bb7But if by a still, sm
Eball voice He calls
Bb7To paths I do n
Ebot know,
Bb7I’ll answer, d
Ebear Lord
Ab, with my hand in Thine;
EbI’ll go where
Bb7You want m
Ebe to go.
BbI’ll go where You want m
Ebe to go, dear Lord,
Bb7O’er mountain, or plain
Eb, or sea;
Bb7I’ll say wh
Ebat You wan
Abt me to say, dear Lord;
EbI’ll be what
Bb7You want m
Ebe to be.
The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. Chords by Brad Warden