November 23, 2020 | 2 minutes read

Invest in your home office


Working from home the past couple of years (especially this one) has really made me glad that I invested in my home office. It's the place I spend the majority of my day in. It's the place I do my thinking, my planning, and my working.

It's also the place where my health can quickly deteriorate to a point of almost no return. I wonder how many people have gained/lost an unexpected amount of weight this year?

As a developer not only is that a concern, but so is the health of my wrist and hands. If I lose that, my career becomes much harder to pursue.

So the way I invested was by doing three things:

  1. I bought an adjustable standing desk from ikea.
  2. I bought an ergonomic mouse from logitech
  3. I bought a treadmill you can put under the standing desk from lifespan

I actually got the treadmill idea from a streamer who bought it to stay healthy while grinding in Classic WoW. He wanted to get Rank 14, a prestigious title that requires playing for around 14 hours a day for at least 3 months

With this, my home office life has been really great. I'm able to stay healthy while I work and preserve my body for when I retire (hopefully early 😌).

There’s more I’d like to do as well. I’ve got plans on buying more plants since it’s apparently really good for you.

The next big save would be for an ergonomic chair, since those set you back quite a bit.

Try not to be stingy with your health, we've only got one body after all.